Black plate: 1953 Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint by Touring

It is a car built entirely in Milan: the Portello factory and the Touring body shop were in fact so close that it was possible to walk from one to the other in half an hour.

Yet, the original black license plate is that of Turin, the (once) automobile capital of Italy. In a few words, this vehicle (chassis AR1900C.01320) contains all the elements that summarize the Italian automobile tradition of the first half of the last century, before the advent of the so-called Motor Valley in Emilia Romagna. In addition, it is a rare first series version, also known as the “small rear window”.

The seller says that this car, sold new in Italy, remained there until 2009 when it was sold in Holland where it remained for ten years, after which it was sold to an American collector located in Florida who continued to preserve it, even bringing it to Pebble Beach in the Preservation Class. Basically, it is a car that has been mechanically treated but has never been restored, very original (apart from the difference among the seats and the door panels) and with the particularity of right-hand drive: even in Italy, until the mid-1950s, there were still many people who selected this option. Find it for sale at $215,000 here in Astoria, NY.


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