Little scorpion: 1956 Fiat 750 Coupé “Derivazione Abarth” by Viotti

Another day, another Fiat, but once again we are talking about a very special and very rare model.

Very special as it is one of the very few (probably a hundred, but it is almost impossible to have a certain number, so we are talking about orders of magnitude) Fiat 600 Viotti in the coupé version (Viotti also produced the Granluce version). Besides being rare in its own right, the seller says this car was originally fitted with the Abarth engine upgrade kit.

It would therefore not be a recent improvement but an upgrade made in conjunction with the production of the car itself. This example appears to be in excellent condition, has clearly been fully restored and has a striking color scheme. The interior is cream-colored with leather seats, and has some peculiarities: the very rare additional tachometer on the dashboard and the speedometer with scale up to 150 km/h. Find it for sale at €80,000 (today $86,000) here in Sorrento, Italy.


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