Call Bob: A car collection for sale

Sometimes it happens that, for whatever reason, someone (or another one on his behalf) decides to make room in its garage. This time it happens in Oregon.


The first car is a 1959 Giulietta Spider 750 which is said to be 99% restored: the photo is just one but indeed looks like a neat car, moreover it’s painted in our favorite shade on a Giulietta. This is for sale at $55,000.


Then there is a 1972 Montreal which, with the exception of the awful wheels, looks quite original. They ask $65,000 for this car.


What about a spider with an original hard top? This car too looks quite unmolested and luckily it still has its original mag wheels (with larger tires than the original equipment), the asking price for this one is $6,500.


Of course, among all these Alfa, you cannot miss a 1974 GTV 2000: this car needs work and it’s for sale at $6,500 but it is said to have a newly rebuilt engine. But not all the cars are published here: the complete list, apart from these four above, is this:

> 71′ Volvo P1800/ P2500, One of a kind. $50,000
> 72′ Alfa Spider. Nice Driver $6,500
> 74′ Datson 240Z/ Ferrari 250GTO Kit Car
> BMW V12 Powered, unfinished project $6,500
> 76′ Alfa Alfetta GT. Running Project $2,000
> 2003 BMW M3 Convertible. 5 speed, Daily Driver $16,000

All this stuff can be found here in Astoria, OR.

2 thoughts on “Call Bob: A car collection for sale

  1. wow that GTV with a rebuilt engine could be a great deal! I dont see it in the ad anymore though…must have already sold.


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