Green perfection: 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce


When I saw this car, I immediately recalled my former 1750 GT sold in 2010 (of course because I needed cash, otherwise I’d never sold it) and I became I little sad, as this is a great car: beatiful to see, beautiful to drive, cheap to maintain.


My former 1750 was in very good conditions but, actually, very far from this one that is a completely restored car, born with a fantastic color combo: the exterior shade should be “Verde Pino Scuro” (dark pine green) with tan vinyl interiors: all the Alfa nuts know well the the seats of the 1750 GTV 1st series are the most beautiful ever made by Alfa, and they are even more beautiful in this color.


As already said, this is clearly a completely restored car: everything seems new and indeed the seller has posted some photos of the undercarriage which looks as good as the a-side: of course everything has been replaced or overhauled and everything seems to be done properly. The seller says that he sells the car as he doesn’t drive it: I used to use mine almost as a daily driver as these are very reliable. Of course perfection has a – not low – price: find it for sale at €68,000 (today $82,000) here in Pozzuolo Martesana, Italy.

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