No head inlets: 1957 O.S.C.A. 1500 S by Viotti


Exactly as the title suggests, we publish this beautiful boat on which, however, we have some curiosities to satisfy.


 The seller says that the aluminum bodywork was made by Viotti, and this is a great thing as long as it is possible to prove it by means of documentation and / or photos of the time because, to paraphrase another ancient proverb, “A badge does not mean a coachbuilder”.


The other two curiosities are related to the engine and the wheels: the engine is actually a double overhead camshaft designed by OSCA but it is not a racing engine: the racing engines produced by O.S.C.A. in fact had the coolant inlets directly into the top of the head. In addition to this, the spoked wheels do not look like Borrani but of common wheels mounted on British cars of the time. Not bad, the seller will certainly be able to clarify these obscure points. Find it for sale at €85,000 (today $96,000) here in Aiello Del Friuli, Italy.


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