The rival: 1961 Fiat 1500S OSCA Coupé by Pininfarina


If we exclude high-end cars. in the 60s the car models with a double overhead camshaft engine, intended for an “average” clientele, could be counted on the fingers of one hand.


In Italy, in addition to the Alfa Romeo (of course) one could opt for another car, which in our opinion was no less fascinating even though his badge was less rich in history than that of the Portello factory. This is the 118 series built by Fiat in coupé and convertible version, with a twin cam engine with a noble origin. The engine was indeed designed by Osca in the early 1950s to be installed in their racing cars; in the early 1960s, the Maserati brothers sold Fiat the license to produce this engine which was produced with a displacement of 1500 and 1600 cc, with single or double carburetor.


The car shown here is a 1500 cc with a single carburetor, but it is also a coupe, so much rarer than the spider. It is not in competitive conditions but it does not look bad at all: the interiors are in fair condition (at least they look original and pretty intact), even the body looks in good condition, perhaps the worst part is the engine compartment but we believe it simply because it is not has never been “cured” for many years. This rear-wheel drive coupe is also equipped with front disc brakes, technically speaking it has no gap with respect to the Giulia Sprint of which it was a rival. Find it for sale at €33,000 (today $37,200) here in Roma, Italy.


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