Burgundy recreation: 1964 ISO A3C Replica


Can’t you afford one of the very few ISO A3Cs built? There is no problem, here is a replica for you, a replica, we add, which seems very well done.


We can indeed bet that this car is not a father-son job, but a replica built on the basis of an ISO IR300 to which the 25 cm (10 inches) frame has been shortened, and we are ready to bet ce, given the result and since the car is for sale in Turin, the work was done by Mr. Diomante, former partner of Giotto Bizzarrini.


The car is beautiful and the color as well, the only thing that touches us is that this is not the replica of an ISO A3C but of a GT 5300 Strada: the A3C was indeed different for many details, including many visible rivets on the bodywork. That said, the result is still remarkable (with the exception of the steering wheel), especially if seasoned with the noise of the engine which the seller posted a video. Find it for sale at €295,000 (today $333,000) here in San Maurizio Canavese, Italy.


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