Project 102: 1960 Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina


This Alfa Romeo (Type 102) belongs to a series which had not much success: designed to fill the need of the italian upper class families, finally they sold these cars mostly to the government, for representative purposes.


The reason why it wasn’t a best seller is clear to everyone: even then, the bulky side of this car was far light years form the beauty of contemporary Giulietta Sprint or Spider, and even from the elegance and softeness of the 1900C series. The result is that less than 3000 units were sold, and an handful survive today.


So basically it’s a rare car and, even if not a beauty, it’s still part of the glorious Alfa history: at the end of the day, no car maker could ever say to have built only best sellers, but every model, even the ugliest, gives its contribution to the car history. This particular car is said to have been purchased from Greece where it was sold new: the original color was sand beige, then repainted in white during the ’80s. The seller says that the car is dry and complete: of course more detailed photos of interiors and engine bay wouldn’t have offended anyone. Find it for sale at €4,000 (today $4,400) here in Catanzaro, Italy.

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