Dino’s daughter: 1968 Moretti Sportiva


Moretti was an historic brand of the coachbuilt cars world but, unfortunately, like its competitors it began to have financial problems at the end of the sixties: the great coachbuilder era was going to quit and, with the exception of Pininfarina and Ghia, most coachbuilders must shrink their dreams of glory and take care of smaller cars to face the crisis.


No less, the results were often cute like this 850 Sportiva: a sport coupé based on Fiat 850 chassis and engine. Of course Moretti tried to extract as much character as he could from the Fiat 850: the lines are typically late ’60 (see Fiat/Ferrari Dino) and perfectly balanced: you won’t have the real idea about how tiny this car is unless you watch it in flesh and bones.


The seller says that the car is completely original (we believe him) with the original black plate and five Borrani (not knock-off’s) wheels. He says that the car needs to be restored but that it hasn’t have any rust issue and that the engine turns fine. The shade should be “Giallo Positano” very similar to Alfa GT Giallo Ocra. We don’t understand why he says that the asking price is “approximate” and that the best offer will get the car: please choose one option only. Find it for sale at an “approximate” €15,000 (Today $21,000) here in Mongrando, Italy.