Le Mans Blue: 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV


Actually it’s the first time we see the Le Mans Blue shade on a GTV 2000.

ScreenShot002Indeed these 2000 were often painted in sober colors: black, silver, metallic gold and white were the preferred colors for this coupé, but we’re talking mostly about the Euro market: in the U.S.A. people were more “aggressive” in their choices.

ScreenShot003This is a U.S. spec. car which is way far to be in concours conditions; however at the same time it looks like a very dry car: the seller has posted some photos of the floors and they looks really solid. Interiors look original and the dent on the driver’s fender is not something to be scared of: every bodyman could fix it in few hours. The seller also says that some work has been done on the engine, unfortunately no photos of the engine bay are in the advert. Find it for sale at $10,500 here in Pierce County, WA.

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