Odd Targa: 1970 Moretti 128 S

Screen Shot 03-14-19 at 08.27 PM 001

It is the second time we come across this particular model, built in very few examples by Moretti, in the declining phase of its history.

Screen Shot 03-14-19 at 08.27 PM 002

We certainly don’t publish it for its beauty, but for its rarity and for what it represents: a last, heroic attempt to propose to the users a car based on a utilitarian, therefore economic to maintain, while giving an “exotic” look.

Screen Shot 03-14-19 at 08.27 PM 003

The car on which it is based is in fact the Fiat 128, not beautiful and not fast but definitely rock soid and very reliable; on this Moretti designed a sharp bodywork that had, however, the not inconsiderable characteristic of a “Targa” configuration: the roof is removable and gives this car a very special purpose. The seller says that the car is perfect and running and, in fact, it seems to be in excellent condition especially inside; the only thing we don’t understand are the bumpers which, in one photo, are chromed, while in the others they are black. Find it for sale at €19,000 (today $21,500) here in Roma, Italy.


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