Racing look: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce


We still remain in the old continent, this time not for a German car but for the Italian equivalent. Obviously we are aware that for both Porsche and Alfa enthusiasts this “equivalence” does not exist.


The truth, however, is that this is a coupé 2 + 2, two doors and a 1600 cc engine, the same displacement of the Porsche 912: the Alfa built more robust engines (as opposed to what the cliché says) but the The build quality of the Porsche was much higher: not surprisingly a 912 was 50% more expensive than a GTV despite being less powerful.


Here we are dealing with a GT Veloce completely restored and to which the owner wanted to give an “outlaw” look: light alloy rims, no front and rear bumpers, a “racing” engine compartment; all very well matched. The car is painted in the original color “Biancospino” and the seller says that all the parts that are not seen in the picture are present in case you want to convert the car back to a “road” look. Find it for sale at €49,000 (today $55,000) here in Versailles, France.


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