Six thousand kms: 1964 OSI 1200 Cabriolet


At the beginning we believed that the seller wrote a wrong number about the kms made by this car: actually the seller reiterates in the description that the car has done just 6000 kms from new.


If true, this car should have the right to enter into the Guinnes World Records in the “Less driven” category: of course we guess that the seller knows what he says as this car is said to be a one owner vehicle. That’s a Cabriolet built by OSI on the Fiat 1200 chassis and engine: a special and quite rare car both then and especially now.


The photos provided have been taken with a film camera and then photographed with a digital camera: they show a nice color combo: stone grey with red interiors. The photos are not the best to understand the conditions of the car, however the car looks very good, especially with its original MI (Milano) black plate installed. We really would have known more about this little cabriolet. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $42,000) here in Milano, Italy.


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