Classic Virus List: #exchangeit


Never stop, right? Then we have added a new feature to our portal. Basically, what often happens is that, as a classic car nut, after some time you are not satisfied anymore of your car and you want to sell it to buy a different animal. Of course you have two options: sell it (the obvious choice), but often the most difficult too as long as it always happens that you get less money than you want or need (I’ve some experience about that) or exchange your car (with or without a value difference in cash, up or down) with the one you want. In this case another problem arises: probably you don’t want to bother other people asking if they are willing to exchange your car with yours, so you don’t make any step forward in this direction. What we have tried to do is making this step easier for you.


Long story short: you place your ad into Classic Virus List and, in the “Exchange considered” section, you can ad up to three different cars (year from-to, make and model) for which you could consider a trade-in or a full exchange with the car you’re selling.


Once published, an automated email will be sent to whoever has one of the car you listed to make them aware that you could exchange your car with theirs. Maybe they’re interested or maybe not: at least we tried for you and, in the worst case scenario, the exchange options will be listed on your ad. Keep posting!


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