Juliet missing: 1960 Alfa Romeo “Romeo II”


Jokes aside, this is one of the rarest van built by Alfa Romeo: it’s a “Romeo II”, second series of course, which, differently from the F12/A12, wasn’t (always) equipped with a gasoline twin cam engine.


The second series was built from 1957 to 1967 and, just like the first series, it was also equipped with a two cylinder, 1,1 litre diesel engine fed by a supercharger, producing 30 hp at the flywheel (five horsepower less than the twin cam engine) but with much more torque. Another feature of the second series was the four speed ZF manual gearbox.


This particular van, just like other found for sale, it’s in need of a restoraton but it’s solid with the obvious exception of the lower body, especially near the wheel wells, where the rust is clearly visible. Other than that, the look is pretty original. The supercharger is disassembled but it’s still here in the car: at the end of the day that’s an easy project. Find it for sale at €18,500 (today $22,500) here in Franqueses del Valles, Spain.


3 thoughts on “Juliet missing: 1960 Alfa Romeo “Romeo II”

  1. I owned a Romeo2 van that was one of the 5 original factory service vans for N.A. It has a steel frame underneath and the body is bolted to the frame. Don’t expect a high performance by any means from this van, as it has a top speed of 45 mph. It is great for around town. Remove the front grille, and the inside cover the engine can be easily serviced. The gearbox is, in my opinion, the weak link as the input shafts from the two gearboxes I had sheared the input shaft. How that happened is anyone guesses. These were used as ambulances, fire trucks, military and delivery vans. There is a book out on the vans if you search for it. Fascinating by any means to own one.


  2. This will have a lot of restoration to do man. But classic vans like this are priceless! And hey, let’s follow, and share each other to grow together. Thanks!

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