Power factory: 1956 Porsche 356 A T2 “Outlaw”


We are not into restomods but sometimes we too have to change our minds when we see a spectacular achievement like this 356 A.


Indeed it was born as a regular 356 but it was completely modded during the last years with an incredible attention to details and a ton of craftsmanship work. Who did this knew well what to do and how to do it. We think that the work performed on this car is too much to be described here, but the seller has posted a lot of photos to watch (we found some videos too when the car wasn’t finished yet).


The main features are of course related to the suspensions, gearbox and engine: the last one is flat six unit coming from a 993 equipped with a carburetors set and the seller says that it has been bench-tested up to 296 hp. But, oher than that, what is spectacular is – as already said – the attention to details even in the engine bay. An expensive car for sure, but we are pretty sure that you can’t build another one for the money requested. Find it for sale at €179,000 (today $218,000) here in Saint Martin De Valgalgues, France.

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