Fins everywhere: A Cadillac collection for sale

The seller is very clear: the price he asks is for the entire Cadillac lot, consisting of five cars, and is not negotiable.


The lot we are talking about includes: a 1954 Series 62 Sedan, blue with white top, a 1959 Six Window Sedan silver 1959 Six Window Sedan, a 1959 Convertible, white with black and white interior, black soft top and factory air; a 1960 Convertible, all black with 45.591 miles (finding a series 60 convertible triple black is not easy at all) and finally a 1976 Eldorado Convertible, maroon metallic – white leather, which seems to have come directly from the Starsky & Hutch TV series.


He is also synthetic but sufficiently taxonomic in describing his cars, in fact we report what he writes in the announcement:

  • The white 59 needs a fuel pump, I would recommend an electric pump. Otherwise it runs no problem. The convertible top needs fluid or overhaul; some trunk rust.
  • The black 60 convertible runs really good. The convertible top needs fluid or overhaul.
  • The blue 54 runs needs master cylinder once in a while need to pump the brakes.
  • The silver 59 four door runs. Needs brake overhaul. Has some rust right side rocker panel.
  • The Red 76 runs great needs brake caliper driver side front because it get stuck once in a while. Convertible top needs adjustment.

We cannot add much more since the published photos are few, however if we had to choose our candidate, it would certainly be the black Convertible. Find these for sale at $155,000 here in Glendale, CA.


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