Power truck: 1969 Alfa Romeo A12


If you are wondering how to transport your classic car to the next concours, this truck is the answer.


Clearly we are not talking about the transport of a car that is worth half the price of this Alfa Romeo A12, but of classic cars with an “important” value: believe it or not, we know collectors to whom this flat bed could be of interest, and these are not certainly people who have difficulties to make ends meet (lucky them).


Originally the bed of this A12 was not so long, it was in fact extended to allow the transportation of large cars (we suppose it was also homologated): in addition to the bed, the other visible changes are the two seats, replaced with other ones for be more comfortable on long journeys, and the engine replaced with an Alfa 2000 cc in order not to experience difficulties in the uphill sections: classic appearance and (almost) modern performance. Find it for sale at €40,000 (today $43,000) here in Noceto, Italy.


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