Rosso corsa: 1969 BMW 1600 GT by Frua


Seeing a classic car of German production painted in red is not a common thing, however this model has an Italian father, that is, the Pietro Frua style center.


In fact, in those years it often happened that the German brands relied on the pencil of Italian designers to sweeten the squared lines of the cars produced by them. BMW itself has relied on Michelotti for the styling of the E9 series, however this model was not born from the will of BMW: it is in fact the re-branded Glas 1700 GT.


This specimen, of French origin, clearly needs a total restoration: it has probably been standing for at least twenty years and every part of it needs to be restored; however the important thing is that it looks like a substantially original and very complete car: it is very difficult to find the body and interior spare parts for this model, so the restoration already starts from an excellent base. Find it for sale here in Zedelgem, Belgium.


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