After Ashley: 1959 Falcon Shells Competition MKII


“Ashley” is not the name of a friend of ours but that of a model produced by the British company Falcon Shells, a model that we have already published a few years ago.


The Competition MKII was in fact introduced in 1959 as a car intended primarily for competitions (as the name suggests) and the shel was also shared with the Elva MKII, and was powered by an engine derived from that of the Ford Anglia, a four-cylinder flathead.


This car in particular was born as a car for competitions and subsequently modified for road use, it is equipped with an Aquaplane head, lightened pistons and a power kit consisting of a pair of SU carburetors. It has been completely restored (and you can see it) and has already participated in various historical competitions in Italy. Find it for sale at €69,000 (today $75,000) here in Cesena, Italy.


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