Pocket roadster: 1953 Austin A30


This 1953 Austin A30 had a cut of the roof, transforming it in a pocket roadster. Very few of these cars have been made with lhd and this car isn’t one of those. However, a good care has been lavished to have a good result, so the whole edge of the roof is covered with wood panels. This car is extremely small and not so fast so even with the cut roof the driver shouldn’t experience a mushy driving feeling.


The paint seems to be of good quality and the shade, quite certainly not original, is a good choice for a boulevard cruiser especially mated with the brick-red vinyl interior. We would like to see a different, less sporty, steering wheel; however it’s balanced by the original – and minimalist – instruments cluster.


This car should be very cheap to manage as the mechanical parts are easily available on the market at a fair price. The Austin inline-four is a solid unit which can run for many years without problems if cared properly. If you live in a place with the right climate, this could be a true funny car. Find it for sale at $4,500 here in Costa Mesa, CA.

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