The other bull: 1960 Conrero-Alfa Romeo Barchetta

Virgilio Conrero is one of those people linked to the car world who, even if they have never acquired the popularity of the big names, have nevertheless left their mark among enthusiasts.

His career as a car tuner (and often builder) was born from a tragic event: an explosion in his father’s company on the outskirts of Turin (due to which the latter lost his life) forced him to drop out of school: a few years later he began to work as an engine worker at Fiat, and the rest is history.

This car is said to be one of those built by him and equipped with an Alfa Romeo engine derived from a Sprint (or Spider) Veloce: we only have a photograph from the time of this car; there are some differences in the bodywork but these would not be a strange thing: in fact all these cars were often damaged during the races and rebuilt immediately afterwards. The car is also equipped with a FIVA passport where the history of the competitions in which it has participated is reported: the potential buyer is required to carry out a more in-depth analysis. Find it for sale here in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, with a starting price of $230,000


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