Australian delivered: 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Freccia d’Oro

We would never have thought that after World War II Alfa Romeo cars were also purchased in Australia, but evidently the brand’s coat of arms had also reached the other side of the world.

This Freccia d’Oro was in fact delivered new in Australia, but it seems that little is known about the very first years of this car’s life. The history is known since 1959, when the car was bought by the father of the person from whom the seller received a lot of information. During the ownership of the second owner, the car was repainted in cream color, but the photos show that the original blue still shines through in some areas.

The interior was retrimmed by the third owner who used the car until his death, after which the car was put on the blocks and recovered in 2014. It is clearly a “tired” car, some parts have been added over the years and they are not good, but it is basically an unmolested car and the presence of the original tool kit is a great added value. Find it for sale at AUD 229,950 here in Queensland, Australia.


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