Very special: 1959 PMS Panhard

Finding very special cars for sale has always been our aim, and this little racing car fully satisfies that requirement, not least because it looks like a barn find.

The builder of this car was Paul Meniessier, a Citroën agent and a pilot in the South of France. Ménissier designed and built this PMS-Panhard (PMS is for Paul Menissier Special), with a strange idea in his mind : the mid-engine front wheel drive, combining ideal weight balance with front-wheel directional power. Different engines have been used to power the prototype : an air-cooled Panhard engine first, then a 1600 cc twin-cam Alfa Romeo unit. The chassis is a modified Panhard Dyna X, fitted with a more advanced rear suspension including spring coils.

Unfortunately at present the car has neither an engine nor a gearbox, but finding both shouldn’t be a big problem also because this car has used different engines so you don’t have to give yourself a headache to find the engine with the right numbers. The bodywork is most likely aluminum so no rust and all in all not a lot of stuff to restore. Find it for sale at €70,000 (today $ 75,000) here in Bergamo, Italy.


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