Unsolved mystery: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

This car may not have any particular historical value, but it certainly makes for an interesting conversation piece, at least according to what the seller says.

The owner bought it in 1974 but unfortunately cannot share the story as he is deceased, his wife only knows that the car was last started ten years ago and that the front end had been partially disassembled due to of a collision with the owner’s own boat parked in the driveway of their home. Returning to the car, the strange thing is the inconsistencies, both formal and substantial. In fact the seller literally says: “The owners have had this car approximately 48 years with the last title issued in 1974. When the owner brought the car to us to help sell we saw that the title listed the car as “SPCNS” which is ” Special Construction”. It was not titled or registered as a “Chevrolet” and it had a “CA Assigned VIN Number” . This was quite odd and we were unable to find a VIN tag of any type anywhere.”

And then: “That being said we looked high and low and found no numbers to ID the car , No VIN tag , No replacement tag , No Data Plate. Nothing , the engine numbers seem to indicate “F0921RB” which decodes as 62, 63 , 64 Impala 300hp 327. The transmission doesn’t have the build tag but case numbers “P0623″ seem to lead to a 64, 65 Muncie M20 / M21. Moving right along the instrument cluster appears to be a 1963 , the rear brakes are drum , 66 should have had rear disc.The rear disc delete option only available in 65. I was told all frames 65 and up had a cutout in the front crossmember to clear a big block crank pulley / balancer.This doesn’t have that .”
So, is this some kind of prototype, or just a patchwork of parts from different sources? Find it if you can. Here is the car for sale at $25,000 here in Fontana, CA.


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