Just one: 1968 Fiat 850T “Visitors” by OSI

The Fiat 850 platform has lent itself over the years to be used for the most diverse uses: van, ambulance, hearse, work vehicle, and also for very special uses like this one.

It is not the first 850T that we have seen transformed in this way: in its golden years, Fiat commissioned these cars which were to be used to give delegations of the most important customers or business partners representatives a tour of the plants, and to do so they needed special vehicles: no coincidence that this car has a perspex roof to give passengers a complete view, even upwards.

A few years ago we published a similar one built by Bertone while this one, which we believe to be one of the first experiments of this type, was built by the Turin-based OSI. This very special car appears to be in original condition, with little or nothing restored or replaced: it is certainly a rare find for connoisseurs, and very few cars like this have popped up for sale over the years. Find it for sale here in Reggio Emilia, Italy.


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