Split screen: 1951 Moretti 600 Berlinetta

Very few cars like this have survived time and road accidents. Indeed, as far as we are concerned this is the first one we see for sale.

In fact it is easy to confuse this Moretti 600 with the Algier-Le Cap, but in reality there are differences even if at first glance they look like two identical cars. technically speaking, not even the bodywork is totally in common between the two models as this car in particular has a split windshield, like the Porsche 356s produced until 1955.

Taking a look at the photos of the era concerning this particular model, we notice two slight differences: the rims are different and there are no chrome profiles on the front and rear fenders; it does not mean, however, that this car is not correct as small car manufacturers such as Moretti had such an artisanal production that it is basically impossible to find two cars that are 100% identical. The car is said to be fully restored and it is in effect like this: the job looks pretty good even though we don’t really like the quality of the upholstery work. Find it for sale at €59,500 (today $65,000) here in Grumello del Monte, Italy.


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