Under the tarp: 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster

What can be the conditions of a car built 60 years ago and left 20 or 30 years outdoors, under a tarp? Not good, of course.

Especially if the climate is that of Virginia, one of the wettest states in the United States, a climate that puts all classic cars to the test. Of course, unlike the states of the north east, there is also no salt here (at least not at the same level) to prevent freezing of the road surface.

The fact is that this Speedster, which is barely visible in the published photos, will have little metal to save: whoever wins it must prepare to buy a lot of sheet metal and do many, many welds. However, the thing that puzzles us is that, although this car is in bad condition, we are always talking about a vehicle that, once restored, is worth over $ 300k: it would be good to see many more photos, especially related to the chassis number or of the engine. Find it for sale here in Richmond, VA, with bidding at $30,000 and reserve not met.


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