Partially buried: 1951 Simca 8 Sport Coupé by Facel


Let’s face it, for all classic car enthusiasts, seeing a car parked in a garage and partially buried by unusual household items is now a cliché.


However the fact that it is a cliché does not diminish its charm, as in the case of this Simca 8 Sport Coupé which was evidently parked many years ago, probably the goal of the parking was to start a restoration that is evident as it is never started.



The condition of the car? Impossible to say because the photos are not detailed enough to understand the state of the body or if and in what percentage the car is complete. The thing that intrigues us is that the seller, among the very few words used to describe the announcement, writes that the car is equipped with a racing pedigree, and we wonder what it may be. Meanwhile, Find it for sale at €17,000 (today $19,000) here in Tours, France.


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