Britaly: 1953 Arnolt-MG Convertible + 1948 Siata SC 750 by Motto


What we have here is a package consisting of two very interesting cars, an English to be restored and an Italian one to drive.


We must start by saying that both cars are rare: English is certainly rare, the Italian is very rare and it is really difficult to see around. Another difference lies in the fact that the Arnolt-MG is a car to be restored but, although there is only one photo of it, it seems to us not too bad even if, as the owner also confirms, “some” bumpers are missing and the ring of a front light.


The 1948 Siata SC 750 (chassis #SC006) is said to be in nice functional condition and has fenders dating from 1952 when racing rules changed in Italy. A replacement Fiat 500C engine was fitted along with the original Siata twin-carburetor manifold with its Weber carburetors. Clearly this too is a car to be inspected very carefully as it is worth a lot, in fact you can find both for sale for $ 450,000 (o.n.o.) here in Grass Valley, CA


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