A life: 1962 Aston Martin DB4 by Touring

What makes us love a classic car? Is it its lines, the sound of the engine, its economic value or even the stories it carries with it? Very often, more times than we admit to ourselves, it is the latter that attracts us most of all.

This Aston Martin DB4, parked in a barn for 30 years, is certainly a car of great economic and aesthetic value in itself, but it takes on a completely different charm when you listen to the story that accompanied it from the same owner for 47 years: how he received it as payment for a bodywork job and how much it pleased the owner’s wife who, for two months, is no longer in this world, except in her husband’s memories; life can hit hard, regardless of which car you own.

But we are here above all to trace the most interesting classic cars that pass before our eyes: this is a DB4 basically as original as it came out of the factory almost 60 years ago, with the aluminum bodywork made by Touring. The owner said the engine ran well when parked even though it had a clutch problem; we do not know the conditions of the floors but, for those who decide to restore it, it will not be a big problem. Find it for sale at $325,000 here in Astoria, NY.


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