Blue Barchetta: 1951 Fiat 1100E Sport

We have already seen a similar car but in red: we do not know if it is another example or this one painted in a different color, the fact is that this shape is not new to us.

Last week we talked about the “Sport” category: here is another representative of this category, this time it is a barchetta built, apparently, on the structure belonging to a Fiat 1100 E (called “Musone” in jargon), the Fiat medium sedan built immediately after the 2nd WW. There are no indications about the manufacturer: consulting our documentation it seems to us that this car looks like one built by the Paganelli workshop, obviously we are open to suggestions.

The car clearly appears stuck in the final stage of a restoration; there are many parts available (all restored, it seems), the body is painted and the engine installed: the seller is getting rid of it due to health problems (we never like to read these things, we wish the seller to be well soon), and the price will be communicated only after talking about the car. Find it for sale here in Gavirate, Italy.


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