Evolution of the species: 1970 Varela Andino GT


After a few weeks we return to Argentina to find a very rare car: it was designed and built by Louis Varela and equipped with a Renault engine, transmission and suspension.


Being a small producer, Varela appropriately decided that his cars should have a fiberglass bodywork to contain production costs and, at the same time, make the car light and nimble. The car is not very powerful: it was equipped with an engine with a displacement of 850 c.c. however, it is a light (and small) car and this displacement is enough to have fun.


This car in particular has never touched the road: it is a project that has remained unfinished for forty years and in fact the seller says that the only documents are related to the engine, on the other hand he says that the car is complete (although the front bumpers are not visible or mentioned by the seller). Find it for sale at $11,000 here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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