Riverside veteran: 1957 Citroen Seidlitz Special

We have seen many “strange” cars in recent years, but a Barchetta built on the mechanics of a Citroen 2CV was definitely missing from our list.

Especially if it is a Barchetta built with a beautiful aluminum bodywork, most likely built in the USA and part of the SCCA category, driven at the end of the 50s by the pilots Carl Seidlitz and Pete Woods in the Pomona and Riverside races, during the 1957-58 season.

The nice thing about this car, besides its history, is the patina: the aluminum of the body helps the integrity of the overall appearance and it seems that apart from the carburetors the car has no missing parts. The engine looks like that of a 2Cv but we do not exclude that many mechanical parts were taken from a Panhard, a car that was often used as a basis for racing cars. Find it for sale at $35,000 here in Oxnard, CA.


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