German banana: 1967 Porsche 912


This 1967 Porsche 912 is said to have been registered as a 911, but this registration can be easily converted to the correct specification. It comes from California and the shell and interiors have been restored. The seller says also that he could provide some invoices and photos taken during the restoration.


Whatching the photos it seems a very nice restoration job, although we’re not sure if this banana yellow is a correct color. Interiors, featuring two beautiful sport seats, look nice. A photo of the dashboard would have been a nice thing. The car is equipped with 16″ rims instead of the correct 15″.


But, this car is missing engine and transmission. Whatching this car from a mid-sport project perspective, it is a very interesting item. Sure, you need still much money to buy a serious 911 engine and transmission, and then overhaul them. But, at last, that is the funny part of the job. Find it for sale at £12,999 (today $20,000) here in Maghera, Ireland.


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