Sad face: 1938 Fiat Pini Barchetta “Siluro” by Autodromo

Update, May 12, 2019

Tomorrow the same car will be auctioned here with an estimate of €245,000 – 260,000 (today $275,000 – 292,000).


April 23, 2013


This late ’40’s barchetta is based on engine and suspensions of a Fiat 500B. However, back then it has been aluminium bodied by Cooperativa Autocarrozzieri Modena coachworks, giving it a grill which seems to have a sad expression. This car was also featured in another ad where the seller wrote that the black and white photo was taken when the soccer team of the city where the former owner (at the steering wheel) lived, was promoted to a superior league. So, in the b/w photo the car was painted in pink and black (like the soccer team t-shirts) and that’s why there is the word “Amore” (love).


The seller said also that the engine is a 750 c.c. Giannini G1, and that the car still has the original papers and plates. The car was commissioned by mr. Pini, the Bugatti and Alfa Romeo dealer of Forlì (Italy).


Interiors are typical of a barchetta, however we suppose that gauges and steering wheel (different from the one in the b/w photo) come at least from late ’50’s. Basically the seller doesn’t give any information about when this car was built. The year 1948 could simply be the first registration year of the car which supplied chassis and mechanicals to this barchetta, which can be found at €55,000 (today $72,000) or near offer here in Brescia, Italy.


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