Duco painted: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider


This ’64 Giulia Spider is said to be originally sold in southern California and, after then, it spent most part of its life in Colorado, fetching a total of two owners, not including the seller. Indeed it seems a very dry car, a good start for a full restoration.


The seller says that the car is complete with all its parts including the engine which, although it’s completely disassembled, it’s a correct type 112 and with the right serial for the model year 1964. The seller says that this car sat in these conditions since 1976, when the 2nd owner disassembled it in order to restore it.


Interiors are complete with the seats chassis and correct U.S. spec. instruments. It’s rare to find such car with the original floors, which should be preserved at any cost. In the trunk it’s also possible to spot the original paint sticker “Duco”, back then produced by Montecatini which was the official paint supplier for Alfa Romeo in that period. Find it for sale here in Denver, CO. with bidding just above $12,000 and reserve price not met.


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