Palindrome car: 1963 VW Karmann-Ghia Typ 34 Coupé


This 1963 Typ 34 is said to be an unrestored car which had two owners from 1988. This is model belongs to the “obscure” VW family produced from early ’60’s to mid ’70’s, which includes aother models like the Typ 3. However Ghia, through the pencil of its designer Sergio Sartorelli, made a very nice job on this one. From some angles this car has a palindrome side line: the tail could also be the front end.


This car seems well kept and the vinyl interiors look nice from this photo. They are basically original and not abused at all.


The 1500 c.c. flat four engine belongs to the “new” generation of VW air cooled engines. It seems well preserved and it’s worth to be in it’s place, even if it’s not a powerhouse: many of these engines have been swapped in the past for more powerful Porsche units. A careful inspection is needed here to check the presence of rust, but we have seen much worse cars at the same asking price. Find it for sale at €14,000 (today $18,000) here in Udine, Italy.

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