Team Bertone: 1969 Fiat 850 Sport Racer Berlinetta


How many times have you stumbled across an 850 Spider Bertone? How many on a coupé? This rare Racer is said to be a preserved, one owner car with 40,000 kms from new. The seller says also that this car has been featured on specialized classic car magazines. This car runs on four beautiful Campagnolo “Ragno” (spider) rims.


Interiors have the typical charm of the sport italian cars of the sixties. They seem in exceptional conditions, both for the dashboard and panels. The sport seats are nothing but beautiful.


This car is not a rocket as it’s pushed by an inline-four 850 c.c. engine producing around 53 h.p. (which are not few for such displacement). Obviously, with this price tag you could look for more, much more power, but you should approach to these cars with a different state of mind to understand them. Find it for sale at €22,000 (today $29,000) here in Milano, Italy.

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2 Responses to Team Bertone: 1969 Fiat 850 Sport Racer Berlinetta

  1. Pedro says:

    Hi, do you know were can I find an hard-top for that model?

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