Minimal art: 1957 Ashley 750 Sport MKI


If we should give a physical representation of the “Minimal art” concept, it would be this car. It’s an Ashley Sport 750 with a fiberglass body which clearly winks at period italian race barchetta’s.


This car is the quintessence of the word “simple”: one engine, one chassis, two seats and four wheels: it’s even hard to spot a wire. The seller says that this car is eaily restorable: actually we see few things which need to be restored.


The chassis looks nearly perfect and the 750c.c. four banger engine looks very clean. What it’s clear is that you can’t trust the brakes as they look a little larger than a bottle cap, but with so much simplicity you don’t need to be an engineer to fix many things by yourself. Find it for sale at €27,000 (today $37,500) here in Cesena, Italy.

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