Total crossbreed: 1957 Austin Healey 100/6 “The California”


We are used to see many rebodied italian cars but rarely we’ve seen a rebodied AH 100/6: this car is said to have been rebodied during the sixties and, for sure, who made this was both influenced by the Ferrari California and the Corvette C3.


Indeed the nose looks like a Corvette C3 while the profile has been inspired by the fluidity of the Ferrari 250 California. Like it or not, this job has been done with workmanship. The seller says that this car has been fully restored with a cost which basically equals the asking price and also that “There is speculation that the steel styling of the body was a buck for the Cougar and Monza models, there is also a theory that the car was used in a film with Doris Day and Rock Hudson”.


The engine – like everything but the steel body – remains the british inline-six and the interiors, including dashboard, are stock: it’s clear that the whole effort has been spent to give this car a modern (back then) appeal. We don’t know if this car is worth the asking price but it’s beautiful anyway. Find it for sale at £75,000 (today $125,000) here in Manchester, UK.

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