Pure France: 1967 Matra Djet V

Even though we have released other D-Jet matras like this one, we have to admit that this is probably the best one, or at least the one that has the right color.

Blue is to France as red is to Italy or silver to Germany (or yellow to Belgium, and so on): these were the colors that, since the beginning of the century, were attributed to the different nationalities of the builders of cars participating in races. Historical digressons aside, perhaps for the color, perhaps for the conditions, perhaps for the quality of the photos, this specimen struck us more than others.

The seller says the car is essentially original as it came out of the factory, with the exception of the paint redone at the turn of the century and the interior also redone (no wonder the vinyl needs to be redone after 50 years) . The seller also adds that the car is accompanied by an important file of invoices dating back to the beginning of the 90s and an important technical documentation bulk. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $42,000) here in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.


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