First steps: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ replica by Greppi

Many want cars like the Giulia TZ, but there are mainly two problems to overcome: very few have been produced (some sources cite about 112) and, consequently, their price is very high.

The last auction of one of them, in the summer of 2014, brought in just over a million US dollars: it is clear that only a few hundred people in the world can afford to spend such amounts not only on a car, but at all. And here is the phenomenon of replicas, very often ridiculous, but in a few cases very beautiful: it obviously depends on the craftsman who makes them.

This one in particular was made by Greppi, a craftsman from Northern Italy well known for his creations of Alfa Romeo replicas. Even this one does not betray expectations: we don’t know the TZ in detail (a book dedicated only to this model would be needed), but the impression in general is of a well-made replica: the main doubt we have is only about the material of the body. The seller says that this car was exhibited in an automobile museum in Milan until 2018 (which one?) And that it has only recently covered its first kilometers. Find it for sale at €155,000 (today $188,000) here in Begles, France.

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