Unusual displacement: 1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint

Yes, the displacement of this Sprint is very unusual as this particular model was only produced between 1960 and 1961 in about 700 units and is therefore very rare, much more than its sister with a displacement of 2600cc produced in a number ten times greater.

We can in fact imagine how many of these cars have been able to survive in 60 years, it is in fact a large displacement car (at least for the European standards of the time) and with coupé bodywork: between those damaged and those abandoned for inactivity (as too expensive to maintain and impractical because of the two doors), it would be optimistic even to think that a quarter of those produced still exist today.

This example, on the other hand, appears to be in excellent condition: we believe it is a restored car – at least partially – which has a particular combination of Graphite Gray paintwork (typical of the time) with two-tone blue / white interior; this car still has the original black MI (Milan) license plate which is perfect on an Alfa. Too bad there are no more photos, we would have liked to see more. Find it for sale at €42,000 (today $50,500) here in Napoli, Italy.


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