Single inside: 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

Well yes, it seems that this is the Veloce version of a Giulietta type 750, although we don’t have much to deduce from, if not the seller’s description.

The point is that this car seems to be equipped with a “normal” type engine, characterized by the classic intake manifold ending with a single Solex PAIA 5 carburettor. It could also be just the replacement of the intake group unit and the head: we note that the steel exhaust manifolds are correct for a Veloce.

However, even iif the whole engine belong to a Normale, a complete engine from a Veloce can be found, but this looks to us like a swb version (albeit titled as 1959: in our opinion this is a 1958 Giulietta) and so the Weber DCO3 carburetor pair alone will cost you $6,000-8,000, so very accurate counts must be made. The good thing is that the car looks complete, not damaged and originally painted in Sky Blue which, for us, is the most beautiful color a Giulietta Spider can wear. Find it for sale at $34,750 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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