Red racer: 1960 Abarth 1000 Record Monza by Zagato

The Abarth production has been so articulated and creative that it often gives the headache to even the most profound connoisseur of the brand and, believe me, true connoisseurs of the brand are very few around the world.

Since we are not among those experts mentioned above, we will refrain from any judgment on the correctness of this car as we are simply not able to give it, we will therefore limit ourselves to reporting the description (moreover detailed) of the seller: it seems that it is of a car the history of which is well known since its origins.

This berlinetta, which still bears the scars of time and competitions, has had most of its career dedicated to racing uphill; among the drivers who drove it there are Stelis and Pinchetti in 1962 and then Galasso in 1964. Among its owners there was also the Abarth collector Rosario Musumeci. As already mentioned, the car looks a bit “tired”, but no less fascinating than a restored one. Find it for sale at €125,000 (today $150,000) here in Ferrara, Italy.


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