Working class: 1951 BMW 340 Pritschenwagen

Let’s make it short: we’ve never seen a pick-up like this, we didn’t know it existed, we didn’t even know that BMW had produced this type of vehicle after the war.

You never stop learning, right? In fact, the seller says that after World War II BMW produced “industrial” vehicles under the name EMW, but this one in particular is one of the very few, perhaps the only one, that still bears the BMW badge.

The car is in precarious condition but it is still fascinating and above all it still looks like it still has all (at least most) of its original parts. It is unknown to us how this car could have ended up in New Zealand, but the avenues of collecting are endless. Last but not least, we would like to know more about the black BMW next to the one for sale. Find it for sale at €20,000 (today $24,000) here in Kamo, New Zealand.


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