Not a Ferrari: 1974 Alfa Romeo F12


This bus is red like a Ferrari and it has a name used on a modern Ferrari as well, but it’s indeed a rare vehicle. The F12 was an utility vehicle built by Alfa Romeo in two versions: A12 (“A” is for “Autocarro”, truck) and F12: this belongs to the F series where “F” is for “Furgone” (Bus). It was produced for a very long time, and exactly from 1967 toi 1973: of couse the first versions are the most desirable but the fact is that also this one is quite rare today.


This minibus is homologated for eight persons but unfortunately it is not powered by the twin cam, gasoline unit: this has a 1700 c.c. Perkind diesel unit producing 50 h.p. (original equipment). The good is that the seller says that this van has been owned for fourty years by a renown Alfa Romeo dealership so it’s red and it has a giant Alfa Romeo logo on both sides: definitely a must for an Alfa collector. We would have liked to see the interiors but maybe the seller could satisfy your curiosity. Find it for sale at €16,900 (today $19,000) here in Roma, Italy.


One thought on “Not a Ferrari: 1974 Alfa Romeo F12

  1. Just a short clarification:
    A for Autocarro: light truck with separate driver and passengers cabin, and a rear chassis fitted out as tow truck, dump truck, tanker and so on;
    F for Furgone: a single body van, being it a small bus, an ambulance, a camper, or, simpler, without lateral windows, for goods delivery, mobile assistance etc.
    Best, Giuseppe Maranghi (Italy)


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