Lemon special: 1961 O.S.C.A. 1600 GT by Fissore


Another coachbuilt car this week; however this time it’s not s car simply based on a Fiat chassis but on a tubolar frame with a skin designed and realized by one of the greatest artisans of metal, Bernardo Fissore.


This is not a Fiat but a real O.S.C.A., the company founded by Maserati brothers after they sold their badge to Adolfo Orsi, a smart self-made man. This particular car has chassis #17 and,  it’s the 1961 Geneva show car, no less.


Few to criticise about this car which looks in beautiful, semi-preserved conditions. Indeed we don’t believe that the actual paint is the first spray but you can’t ask too much from a 50 years old car. On the other side, interiors look untouched. Only an handful of these cars were made and, also because the O.S.C.A. badge make them blue-blooded, this is a car for few people. Find it for sale at €125,000 (today $170,000) here in Brescia, Italy.

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