Fast in four: 1962 Iso Rivolta GT 300


Here it is the first car designed entirely by the “wizard” Giotto Bizzarrini: it is a four seats, two door coupè called GT 300 as it is one of the early car produced: after few months its name will be changed in “IR 300”.


We all know that these car are easy to restore: however, “easy” doesn’t necessarily mean “cheap”. Indeed the only easy part of this car is the Chevy 327 c.i. engine and its gearbox: all the rest is italian and rare. The metallic dark grey mated to the tobacco interior is a stunning color combo.


The seller has no problems to say that this car needs a lot of work and that a professional restorer could ask up to €60,000 (around $90,000). That’s trange because, although the photos are bad, we can’t spot a car in such desperate conditions. But, if the saller says that he should have a good reason to do it. Find it for sale at €29,999 (today $41,000) here in Pirmasens (if the plate is correct), Germany.


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